Boga - Bor, mámor ...Bénye 2018

BOGA are the ambassadors of “etheric jazz”, who draw attention to themselves with the uniqueness of their instrumentation and sounds. Hermetic view embraces their spontaneously created improvisations. Their fame has spread that at their concerts their music, which runs on otherwise totally instrumental-experimental-psychedelic lines, is unrepeatable. Consciously, it is born on the altar of inspiration of the moment. They transmit another, timeless world of sound to us. Those who hear their music will be astounded at the eastern picked instruments, the electric guitar, the violin and the clay drum – and the new dimensions that open through them.

The members were playing before this banc in various bands. The HKM Trió was founded in 2014, the year Roland and Vajk’s (who was awarded the Trafó special prize) first acoustic duo record was released, Fák és Gyökerek. After this they were joined by Balázs with his minimalist, instinctive rhythm section. Together they continue their journey and their music is about nothing other than the spirit, the only true search. Since 2016 the formation has been increasingly joined by violinist Márton Bakai. The band’s first recordings were recently released by Great River Records.