Bor, mámor ...Bénye 2018 programok

And once upon a time, from three ends of the earth, three people set off from far, far away to try their luck. A long, long journey and, though they didn’t know it, they were always getting closer to one another. Until one day they met on a rocking boat on the waters of the Danube. Frankie Látó with his violin, Kornél Mogyoró on Everything you can drum on and hit, and Evelin Tóth with her siren’s voice – that she was killing the sailors not tied – and immediately they started to play music together. And gradually they saw a miracle as the sky opened and the waters calmed. Fish made sparks on the surface of the water and people cried in their joy, shouting Hurrá! Hurrá! Evviva! Evviva!

The band mainly play their own compositions, but love to draw on folk songs and hits from around the world.