Ábrahám Pince

Ábrahám Winery

3932 Erdőbénye, Rákóczi u. 1.


– How long have you been working with wines?
We moved to Erdőbénye in summer 2006. Thanks to the family we have the lands, they were a given. So, in addition to tasting, we’ve been making wines for 10 years already.

– What connects you to wine and the land?
It was completely our own decision for winemaking to be the centre of our ilves. The connection, as with good personal relationships, is that we develop and deepen it :) The place was given, as it was in the family and we were really happy about that. I don’t have to go into details about the magic of the Zemplén – if you’ve been, you know. It’s as though we’re always living on our summer house.

– What do you do besides winemaking?
We don’t do anything else – we wouldn’t have time. Even now there aren’t enough of us.

– Why do you love Erdőbénye?
“It’s good to hide in a forest until the end of the world” :) We love grazing.

According to BorBoy

Philosophers’ wine in the philosophers’ cellar. But there is nothing to fear, though they are the successors to Rousseau, they do not face visitors with philosophic work under the arbour. They make wines close to nature – accepting all the risks associated with being close to nature. Purity characterises all their wines. The extra attraction for families is the great kindergarten music. – BorBoy


Ábrahám Winery
3932 Erdőbénye Rákóczi u. 1.
Tel: +36 70 570 8496, +3670 365 9087
E-mail: enikoabraham@gmail.com