ProVinum Pincészet

Pro Vinum Winery

3932 Erdőbénye, Rákóczi u. 15.


Every day:
Tasting Cheeses from Csík, Gyergyó 
Fröccs terrace
PH reduction

2017.07.07. Friday
10:30 Slambuc Kreatív Open
14:00 Leg of the lawyer – from cauldron
14:15 Tasting from the vineyards of Messzelátó- and Ferenc diák vineyards
16:00 Winetrade in the past
17:00 I show you something… – motorized rendezvous & meringue in the vineyard 
18:00 Kardos-Horváth János concert
19:30 Számadó concert

2017.07.08. Saturday
Breakfast – El classico DP
09:30 Food fit for kings from the Koltay family – jams, mushrooms, fruit syrups –
09:30 Mádi Sajt (cheese from Mád) –
10:30 Drawing for children, face painting
11.00 Grill Court
16.00 The Silence of the Lambs. Food from the oven
16:00 Vineyard tour without moving. Taste local wines from our panorama terrace
17:00 I show you something… – motorized rendezvous & meringue in the vineyard
19.30 Évkerék Társulat concert
21.30 Best of Images, landscapes, people from hegyalja on a projector


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