Nyitókóstoló 2016

Bor, mámor ...béke

Dávid Gálócsy, expert in mental hygiene, has many questions for us. But at least the direction for solutions too. His strategy is naturally not only for the weekend, but don’t be shy about practising what you’ve heard :) Peace!

What do you do if people are ahead of you in a queue? How do you treat the cantankerous? How do you react if your behaviour bothers someone and they say so?

A wine festival – even a peaceful one like Bor, mámor –, just like any other life situation, gives plenty of opportunities for conflicts to develop and it only depends on us, those present, as to how we deal with the situations. In this talk you can discover a communication method that helps in the conversation of conflict, for opposites to cooperate so that whatever the situation we can always find a solution that is joyful and appropriate for everyone.

In Hungarian