Antonia Vai

Antonia Vai

Antonia Vai is a Swedish/Hungarian singer-songwriter and musician. Born and raised in Stockholm, she moved to Budapest in 2013, to try her luck on the Hungarian music scene. Captivating with her unique presence, dynamical performance and raw lyrics – Antonia’s music is a passionate, storytelling journey.

Antonia has been writing songs since her early childhood. As a teenager, she started recording and producing her songs alone in her bedroom. After living a year in London, and moving around in Europe, she finally released two self-produced albums at the same time, “Lovers and Prophets“ and “Dirt From When The Earth Was Flat“, in September 2012.

Since her move to Budapest, Antonia and her band have attracted a big audience on the underground music scene in Hungary. In 2014, Antonia recorded the album “Stories After Bedtime” in Budapest. The first single from the album was “The Pirate’s Waltz” and the full album was released the same year. She featured at several occasions in Hungarian national TV and radio stations. Antonia Vai toured the country with alternative rock band Quimby, released two songs with gypsy-punk band Bohemian Betyars, performed at all the big festivals in Hungary (Sziget, VOLT, Strand) and played at MR2 Akusztik. In June 2015, Antonia Vai headlined a sold-out venue at the Müpa, Palace of Arts in Budapest with several musical guest artists, for example Sena Dagadu (Irie Maffia), the British/Ghanaian rapper M3nsa and Saiid from Akkezdet Phiai.

In 2015 Antonia released “Remember How”, which was the first single from the EP ’Tightrope’, which had its official release in Akvarium Club in Budapest.

Antonia Vai is currently working on her new album, together with Swedish producer Felix Grön, which will be released in 2017. The first single „Warrior Soul” will be released in May 2017 with a video, that Antonia is filming in Morocco at the moment.