“The basis of our music is the musical instrument called tambura, which have been taken over long time ago from the neighboring South Slavic people. The music of tambura has spread a slowly intoxicating vapor over the Carpathian Basin, and currently we are breathing in this rich, bright and airy music which is funny and sad at the same time and which always tickles our souls so much…”

The music of Babra reinforces the diverse line of South Slavic folk music, while adding freshness, green tendrils and colours to it.

Partly due to family relations, the band’s musical identity is basically determined by two Hungarian multicultural places, Bács-Kiskun County and Budapest. Babra has become one of the popular urban folk music bands of Budapest in a very short time by authentically representing the more dense musical traditions of the Balkan region, furthermore, the South Slavic tambura music influenced by the music of Hungarian and Roma people living in the region.

The Babra band consists of five talented musicians, five friends, with a pretty girl behind the double bass in a unique way. The young musicians have formed the band… almost a family at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest.
Their music can be characterized by excellent and structured orchestration, furthermore, stylish and polyphonic vocals which are presented by sweeping energy and elan at their concerts. In addition to their participation at concerts, they have found another home in the South Slavic cultural communities around Budapest where they are the participants of the active dance hall life with their music.

The young ensemble has already received a truly inspiring professional opinion. Simon Broughton, the editor-in-chief of Songlines, the most important world music magazine of the world commented their production in the following way: “absolutely highlight”. They already performed at the Bela Bartok National Concert Hall in MÜPA Palace of Arts and had the opportunity to play at the Hungarian Showcase Day which was the part of the WOMEX2015 in Budapest. At the autumn of 2016 they played at the first and most recent international world music event of Hungary at the BudapestRitmo.

Dániel Koller – tamburas, vocal
Bence Babcsán – rhytm tambura, wind instruments, vocal
Veronika Varga – double bass, voice
Dávid Pozsonyi – tamburas, percussion, vocal
Benedek Réti – accordion