Bogdán Norbert Trio

Bogdán Norbert Trió

Have you heard Boyash jazz ballads? The opportunity does not come along every day, that’s for sure, but now it’s here: performed by one of Snétberger’s outstanding students, Norbi Bogdán.

Norbert Bogdán, 27 year old Roma talent was born in Nagykanizs and currently lives in Budapest. He has been singing and playing guitar since the age of 10. He was accepted into the Snétberger Music Talent Cenre in 2011 where he studied for four years.

His talent has been notiecd by amny. Ferenc Snétberger guitarist. Attila László, jazz teacher at the Liszt Ferenc University of Music worked with Norbert, refining his style, training him. Since 2012 he has been refining his singing with Nikolette Szőke. His musicality andreceptivity to melody is undoubtedly excceptional. His unique music style is a fusion of Roma and Hungarian folk, Balkan folk, jazz and pop elements. He speaks and sings in both Lovari and Boyash as well as in Hungarian. And this is combined with rich musical knowledge, the cultural heritage of various Roma groups, an internal knowledge and respect, unparalleled talent and superb stage presence. A true performer who knows how to treat the audience. His unique singing voice and style grab listeners from the first moment.

He feels equally at home in Hungarian folk music. His arrangements and own compositions have unique sounds, refined arrangement and increasingly chiselled style that make them unmistakable.

Norbert has played with many musicians. For example he was the support act for Richard Bona in Pécs in 2014. And we can also mention Bea Palya, Nikolette Szőke, Veronika Harcsa and Magna Cum Laude.

Norbert Bogdán – vocals, guitar
Máté Palásti – guitar
Tamás Siska – drum, percussion