Bormámor evening

Bormámor est

Wine alights the fire of passion for living, it gives energy for play, laughter and the joy of rhythm. Just as the grapes absorb the earth, the fire of the sun, the wined and the rain, texts ripen in authors, songs in the throat, instruments in music, dance in the body, to liven and fire up the audience. The creation process is long and hard, but, once born, the merriness of the performance heats the artist, not creating a drunken trance but rather reanimantes rhythm, helping to live and be joyful. The elemental power of Evelin Tóth’s voice moves from stormy passions to entrancing bird trills. János Illés brings swirling guitar play and Mária Keck refined and disciplined wildness, giving internal freedom to southern passions, the beat of György Dragomán’s varied and music-inspired words remain long with us and Anna Szabó T.’s wine songs, love poems and melodic verses sometimes accompany, sometimes provide a counterpoint to the sweeping rhythm. Let’s drink and be joyful together!

Anna Szabó T. – lyrics
György Dragomán – prose
Evelin Tóth – vocals
Mária Keck – dance
János Illés – guitar


Bort ide, bort ide, töltsél!
Látod, a torkom a tölcsér!
Bort ide, bort ide gyorsan,
hozd, hogy a szomjamat oltsam.

Töltsd ide, nyújtsd ide, kérem!
Pezsdíti, perzseli vérem,
csupa láng, csupa tűz minden –
Bacchus a, Bacchus az isten.

(Anna Szabó T.: Erdőbénye wine songs)