Herczku Ági és a Banda

Herczku Ági és a Banda

Herczku Ági és a Banda. Photo: Róbert László Bácsi

Ági Herczku and Nikola Parov return to us after 6 years. Do you remember the party they threw then? And it’ll be the same this time too. Come and party on 8th July!

The combination of Ágnes Herczku – Nikola Parov, was given new strenght and energy when the Band formed three years ago. And they’ll bring their exciting repertoire to us in 2017.
The band reaches out to Hungarian roots in Hungary and abroad, as well as the the folk music of neighbouring nations courageously and genuinely. Bartók drew our attention to the mutual influences on each other of Hungarian and neighbouring folk music: we cannot know or understand our own without knowing that of our neighbours.

This instinctivity and instinctive curiosity of musicians pushes the band to develop their repertoire based on their research of great performers or their own collections.

The album Herczku Ágnes Bandázom was in the world’s top world music listfor months. The WORLD MUSIC CHARTS EUROPE is put together by 50 world music experts of 25 countries. The two most renowned world music magazines, SONGLINES and FROOTS, both published positive reviews of the Bandázom album. One of the songs from the album was included on the CD compilations by Songlines magazine, TOP OF THE WORLD, and WOMEX.

In autumn 2015 in Budapest at the largest international world music festival the WOMEX jury selected Herczku Ági és a Banda concert for the programme. The band’s performance was so successful that unusually WOMEX agreed to release on record the concert recording with four new tracks. The album Live at Womex  was top of the WORLD MUSIC CHARTS EUROPE in the summer of 2016.