Kardos-Horváth János (Kaukázus)

Venue and start:

Friday 7th July 2017 18:00 Gál Pince

Kardos-Horváth János

21st-century troubadour with one guitar:

If we say “contemporary”, “Hungary” and then good, then we start to get a little excited. What will it be? Particularly if it’s pop, lyrical music as we really love those who have managed to sing their way around the world in Hungarian. You have to be a good composer in this world.

After the band Kaukázus and the birth of his children he founded the Hahó Együttes which plays children’s songs and also his own formation when he plays alone, that is when he gets out his guitar to play songs. his repertoire is almost over 100 compositions and so you can always feel that he is able to refresh, renew. He often composes new songs and one of his most recent compositions is aimed at those studying in higher education, to encourage them in exam times, Vizsgaidőszak. One guitar he picks and choses from all these: he plays Kaukázus, Hahó and Kafkaz songs, and is able to attract an incredibly wide range of audienc. It’s maybe no exaggeration to say his compositions that are best known in Hungary are Teszkó,  Szalai Éva and Tartós béke; or maybe Földlakó, the evergreen bud he quotes so often since the birth of his children.