Nemes Kölyök Gábor

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Nemes „Kölyök” Gábor

Gábor Nemes “Kölyök” classical-fingerstyle guitarist rowing on the waters of ethnofolk. Didgeridoo, vocals, beatbox, loop pedal, this and that… Small band but great feeling!

The guy known as Kölyök (The Kid) in music circles has just won a talent contest with which he qualified for the finals of Öröm A Zene. let me quote him from a recent interview here, so you see and understand better what the man is doing:

“In the loop world acoustic ethno-style is not really usual. It’s rather hip-hop, pop, electronic style and so on. I try to minimalise the repetetive nature and so often create the tune totally differntly than loop musicians would. This requires absolutley loads of practice and at the same time I need to beatbox and play guitar, or didgeridoo and guitar, while often the guitar itself has several fingerstyle themes to it.” (