Szeder sanzon

Venue and start:

Friday 7th July 2017 21:00 SanzonTokaj

Szeder sanzon

We have heard Kriszti Szeder-Szabó playing great music and singing with loads of musicians: Lóci, Maszkura, Petruska – not to mention her own band. But in every one she magics music, her own smiley personality and style come through immediately, wherever and whoever she plays with. She is a real unavoidable character in today’s music scene.

In her hugely successful production Melodisztik ran for years she performed the most beautiful songs of the French chanson world to guitar accompaniment. This was renewed in 2016 now known as Szeder Sanzon. The guitar accompaniment has been replaced by accordion player Tamás Kéméndi, making the sound of the songs even more authentic. They have a wonderfully wide repertoire from classic tracks to the most popular French chanson tracks today. Along with the accordion Szeder’s character come through, her playful humour, lightly fun performance style makes the production even better.

Krisztina Szeder-Szabó – vocals, guitar
Tamás Kéméndi – accordion