Tóth Evelin és a Flamenco Nuevo

“Until working together with Maria Keck, I have never been able to admire at such close quarters as flamenco meets Hungarian folk and other folk musicin such a flavour. Her desire for perfection and inexorable struggle that springs from her inspire me infinitely. Our curiosity about and respect for one other teaches us both humility. From this shared magic is born in every moment but still leaves both free on our own paths.” (Evelin Tóth)

At the same time as learning classical (opera) singing, Evelin Tóth also developed her own style of various other sining techniques (southern Indian, African, Sephardic). Of her many records, her 2010 solo album Let him kiss me with Hamid Drake, Mihály Dresch, László Fassang and Zoltán Lantos stands out particularly. Her album Maya was voted among the best world music albums in 2016.

Mária Keck draws on singing and dance arts of flamenco from Andalusia, Hungarian folk roots and Roma music. And yet the entire medley is deeply infused with the performer’s personality, mature dance style and song world she created. The artist’s performance is also deservedly popular in Madrid – she is known as one of flamenco’s own – for the emotional extremes, unconditional honesty, strict precision and breathtakingly subtle softness she imbues.

“Hungarian folk music is simply close to me, just like central European Roma culture and flamenco. I have made them my own, and when I create, I draw from these worlds. So if a melody or lyrics are born, then it reminds people of folk songs, flamenco, though they are the creations of a new music world, fusions that are not fusions merely to be modern or interesting, but because these musical worlds and cultures are simply in the inner me, living and melting” – admits Mária Keck.

An exceptional meeting, sweeping us along and touching us in which the traditional flamenco rhythms that go to the guts with dance performer Mária Keck personal flavours with her own melodies combines with the wonderful voice and compositions of outstanding Hungarian singer Evelin Tóth. Accompanied on the guitar by virtuoso János Illés who lives in London.

Evelin Tóth – vocals, vibraton
Mária Keck – dance, vocals
János Illés – guitar

Tóth Evelin és a Flamenco Nuevo