Valami swing

Valami swing

Last year they performed a concert on Friday afternoon but they were so popular with the audience that they deserve a top time spot. Real quality Django jam can be expected – don’t miss it!

Valami swing plays gypsy jazz, the music of Django Reinhardt that the legendary jazz guitarist played in the 20s in Paris streets. This was the first European jazz, fused as only a true virtuoso can with American jazz, swing, hot club, chansons, folk music, traditional gypsy music and Balkan melodies.

Valami swing is an instrumental quartet – quintet with the singer. In summer 2016 they organised two swing concerts on the closed Liberty Bridge in Budapest with professional dancers – and several thousand were there. In February 2017 the Valami swing concert was the closing event of the Opera House gala.

Valami swing’s repertoire ranges from jazz standard through known and unknown swing numbers, gypsy jazz compositions, chansons, Hungarian and foreign hits, folk music, classical and their own compositions.

András Makk – guitar
István Babindák – clarinet
David Cooper – guitar
Sándor Gyüdi – double bass