János Vázsonyi

Vázsonyi János

Sunday cooling off and contemplation in the church. Outstanding acoustics, brilliant musician – nothing more is necessary to slow the tempo a little on the last day of the festival…

János Vázsonyi was born in 1970 Budapest – into a family of musicians – and went on to study saxophone at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest. With his first band, the jazz-rock playing Egon a falon, he performed at the Pori Jazz Festival. With his next band, Drumsz he made three ethno-jazz records with and played on the mainstage at the huge Sziget Festival in Budapest. With Butterfly Effect – already as a composer – he fuses folk music and jazz infused with classical and elements.

With his bands he has toured in almost all European cities and has guest performed on many albums. he has composed music for theatre performances too, working with many including Dorotya Udvaros, D. Géza Hegedűs and Péter Rudolf.

His relation to classical and baroque music is linked to his parents – his violinist father and piano-teacher mother – and deepened by playing together. He has long been involved with the interpretation of Bach’s works on saxophone. His Tribute album has been rereleased privately. Thanks to BMC his album Shades of Bach (BMC CD 054) of interprestations for sax of Bach’s works was released in 2001. He has played with many greats including Mihály Dresch, Attila Zoller, Imre Kőszegi and Gábor Gadó, and performed with famous authors such as Péter Esterházy, Pál Závada, Lajos Party-Nagy and Gábor Németh. He has also made music for film and advets and even released a pop record “Dj Ttriton fet. Pollapop”. Four of his albums can be downloaded free. his track “Mindenhatósági tilalom” was recently played on the national Petőfi Rádió.