Let’s talk about style

Venue and start:

Saturday 8th July 2017 14:00

Registration only. Please register by 30th June. If the group is full, we will close registration.

Ercsey Dániel

This one-hour event gives us the opportunity to consider the current position of dry Furmint in Tokaj, as only the greats, let’s say Burgundy or Wachau think about themselves. Through the wine tasting we will try to compare or to differentiate the soils and rocks, the various micro-climates, the northern and southern lands, barrel and stainless steel. And all this made more playful as it will be a blind tasting, so guessing really is that – until we unveil the wines…


Participation in the tasting and talk is 2,500 HUF/person. The event will be run with a minimum 10, maximum 25 people. Registration only. Please write to info@bormamorbenye.hu and give your ticket number and then transfer the participation fee.

  1. Send us an email, with your ticket number and name of the event,
  2. transfer the 2,500 HUF per person to the Bor, mámor, Bénye Egyesület bank account: OTP Bank: 11734169 – 20013169
    IBAN: HU64 1173 4169 2001 3169 0000 0000
  3. We will send acknowledgement of the arrival of the money within two days.

See you at the event!