Krisztián Nyáry: Real Heroes

Nyáry Krisztián

Be the sun hero and come to the relaxed wine and talk. How did Nietzsche put it? We have to discover the hero and the fool in us, if we have a latent passion to know ourselves…

Can someone become a hero? And if so, how? What does it actually mean to be a hero? Who are we remembering and why? Krisztián Nyáry will be looking at these with interesting examples and anecdotes.

Krisztián Nyáry taught history of poetry for a few years at the University of Pécs and though he left the bastion o flearning in the mid-90s, his hobby has remained literature and cultural history. He has managed a PR agency and polling research institute, was a communication manager at a state body and currently works in publishing. In early 2012 he started to publish for his friends photo studies of Hungarian writers and artists on Facebook which quickly became very popular. From these postings he publishedtwo volumes of Így szerettek ők (Tis is how they loved), one o fhte most successful books in recent years. The author wrote about people who wrote and whose lives and decisions are good examples in his books Igazi hősök és Merész magyarok published in 2014 and 201. His most recent book Festői szerelmekben tells of 19th-, 20th-century Hungarian painters’ relationships and his 2017 book in English, Eminent Hungarians, he writes about less-known Hungarian heroes.