Butterfly Effect

Starting date, time and venue:

07/07/2018 Saturday 19.00 – SanzonTokaj 

A butterfly from the depths of the Budapest clubs. Does it have an effect? Yes. Because no matter how far it appears from the atmosphere of a wine region, those who have been to their concerts know that these outstanding musicians deliver what they promise: “to reach you by rocket from the almighty distance”.

The music of this band named after the chaos theory has been a unique fusion of jazz with classical elements and hip hop since they began in 2010. It even has space for Hungarian folk music as the members aim to offer authentic cultural treasures besides their individual sound.

The band performs throughout Hungary at popular concert venues and festivals and has also appeared in Vienna, Paris and Brussels to rapturous success in recent years.

The members have proven themselves in Hungary and abroad in pop and classical spheres. Mixed with the singer Bori Magyar – who loves to experiment – of Besh o droM they have played with Bobby McFerrin. János Vázsonyi, one of Hungary’s best-known saxophonists has several albums and European tours behind him, as has Dániel Kardos who is best-known for his film music (e.g. Vespa). Tamás Dömötör, beatbox and loop artist, Hungarian champion in his sphere and performer at international competitions and festivals. Recently Pál Lombos – known for his swing and jazz formations (Pankastic!, Swing á la Django, Dohnányi Big Band) – double bass, band leader and manager. He has played in New York’s Carnegie Hall and the Hong Kong Opera as well as an organiser at Müpa and the Debrecen Django Festival.