Csilla Gévai

Starting date, time and venue:

06/07/2018 Friday 17.00 – Vayi Winery

I am Csilla, a 43-year-old mum, a woman, a write and a drawer. I live in Europe in Hungary and I am religious. I see the trace of the hand of God in everything. If I look at myself, and if I look at you. I’m grateful that I can live. Twenty years ago, when I was 23, I found it so terrible that I couldn’t help the Earth that I made myself sick. I couldn’t bear the fact that I couldn’t protect it from environmental catastrophes, deforestation, the poisoning of organic nature and its systematic destruction. My life was ahead of me, I wanted to draw children, to write and be happy. At night I awoke, I was terrified and shaking. Then I understood: my whole life I had been stressed and it hadn’t made the earth any better, nor my life. And so I became a “Hurray optimist”. I’m not willing to be afraid of the future. But I am willing to build a future where we respect nature and love it. Through my children I give purpose to my life. Explaining to children what is happening and how they can be environmentally conscious. I’ve always loved reading, travelling, drawing and writing.

Children are my friends. I love being with them. Talking to them, drawing, writing stories together. My “green book” Nagyon Zöld Könyvet was inspired by children. I do not want children to be excluded from the important questions on which their future depends. And environmental protection is one such question. If I dedicate a book to a child I usually write in it: “LEGYÉL TE IS KÖRNYEZETVÉDŐ!”  (Be a protector of the environment”. I do not want to take away from children their belief that they can do something to protect the environment as children already. There is no mother who would not wish for good quality air, food and water, and peace for their children. And this is my starting point. Although politics can cover it, the starting point is still alittle different: if we can create peace and cleanliness around us, even in a small point, let’s say where I live, then the world is better. Mother Theresa of Calcutta said the same: if everyone swept their own house, the world would be clean. And I would invite Ghandi’s peace into this cleanness and I have already arrived to you in the present.