Dynamite Dudes

Starting date, time and venue:

06/07/2018 Friday 21.00 – Bardon Winery

“All big boobs into the first row…”

Dynamite Dudes – in their music they fuse modern with traditional elements. A rockabilly combo that formed on a hot midsummer day in 2015, they have since become popular in Hungary and abroad. Two crazy guys who are always ready to give a great concert. The boys play brilliantly, just as well as for the “bread and circus for the people” theory. It is fun music, for the pure joy of the audience.

The country-rockabilly form fuses early blues with modern songs. It’s also possible that in order to reach the very top, they are drinking Bon Scott’s blood! On the double bass is the thoroughly rotten Mitch Farty, who loves to set his instrument on fire on stage – and also in the literal sense. The double bass beats like a steam train, generating “pant-ripping” waves. The aide-de-camp is Tom White – virtuoso mouth harmonica player, a knight without fear or slur, protector of widows and a true jester.

Always popular guests. They conquer and enchant unrelentingly!