Gáliklevi Kultúrkert

Gáliklevi Kultúrkert

Levi, who is approaching his 40s, by no means started his music career recently. As in all those who are called to work with music, he also started on the bottom rung of the ladder, in Debrecen.
School radio, school parties or, as they called them back in those days, club afternoons, the quintessential era of the cassette player. He was already building his own planned radio back in junior school and the radio laws, which were light back then, meant that he could run a non-stop pirate radio station in the whole city – from a flat in the housing estate.

That was when the first computers were coming in, and so school parties writing his own compositions became another passion alongside playing music and making radio. The Commodore/Amiga period was followed by the era of the PC which offered practically unlimited storage space to all music lovers and makers. The years passed and he had an increasing number of performances in larger discos and clubs, making ever more of his own compositions. In the 1990s he was the resident DJ in the biggest club in Debrecen, (Hang-ár/Új-Vigadó), as well as being invited to spin in more rural settings too. Over time the real vinyl records, the days of Eurodance, were slowly replaced by House, Techno and Rave. So much so that he set up the first live non-stop Elektronikus, Underground radio, Global FM which he ran successfully for over 6 years.

The enormous news portal linked to it and all the Globalpartys he organised were popular throughout the country and he later founded Global Underground Hungary. Image creation, communication, posters, flyers and party photography for several hundred registered Hungarian underground disc jockeys /Global Deejays, non-stop, live watchable radio broadcasts, loads of parties and festivals, DJs, producers and clubs.

And then, in accordance with the profession’s expectations and thanks to hiw own production work, he released 3 solo EPs in the UK. He was played on several Hungarian and foreign radion stations, his own thematic Lounge and Deep House programmes plus performances abroad: Amsterdam, Cologne, Martelange, Lausanne, Oslo, Bern, Stockholm.

Then he stopped for several years and his music lifestyle was put aside for his private life and family stability. Many years passed until he finally arrived at the point to stand back behind the disc player in honour at the altar of music.

His most recent project, Kultúrkert, Culture Garden, links lounge and deep house, with a pleasant picnic feeling, great wines, dishes at sunset, on terraces, by water, in vineyards and other suitable places.