Kaan Luum duo

Kaan Luum creates sound travel into the moment, an acoustic ambiance to be enjoyed on bean bags and straw bales, you could call it spiri-pop. “Concentrate-inside.-if-you-dare”, music without age. At the beginning was a handpan and a Persion santur, but their world has since expanded, become more colourful, spread. Not ethno, but human, not world music but an individual world of music, light but not only for eaters of light.

Awarded in the 2017 Szimpla Lemming Program. They perform everywhere from salt chamber to festial stages.

Kaan Luum is a gentle medicine against heart problem. Risks and side effects: levitating, fragrances, colours and delicious visions.

Chill out on bean bags, straw bales. Relax, Hygge, slow down! With love … Kaan Luum.

Kaan Luum

Andrea Szabadi – handpan, vocals
Norbert Murányi – Persian santur, guitar
With: Péter Rochy – guitar