Lóci játszik

They’ve had great success at the sold-out A38 ship and double GMK concerts as well as being awarded the public’s choice award at the street music festival Veszprémi Utcazene Fesztivál. So much that previous ones Ki Mit Tube, the music for the film VAN, success in the Cseh Tamás Program and their tour with Margaret Island. They appear in adverts and TV programmes increasingly frequently. They can say of themselves that they are the favourite band of András Hajós, and Misi Mező singer of Magna Cum Laude. This, plus the ever more professional acclaim, their winning Fonogram’s “Discovery of the Year” title and reaching the 8 NagySzínPados bands, means they’ll be at plenty of festivals this year – including Bor, mámor Bénye – so you have a chance to enjoy them here, to experience how Lóci plays, (literally in Hungarian Lóci Játszik).