Mojo WorKings

They came together in 2011 in Budapest, a Hungarian blues band with trad blues in their music, beat from the sixties, country, jug, and later pop tunes all fused with their own sound.

Founded by: Imre Olivér Honfi, János Horváth and Tamás Szabó.

The band plays as a trio and quartet. They often use instruments less well-known in Hungary such as the diddley bow, stompbox, extra harmonicas (pl. harmonetta and polyphonia), ukulele, washboard, and the three-part vocals are distinctive.

Band leader Tamás Szabó has played an important role in the Hungarian blues scene over the last 30 years and is a recognised harmonica player. He’s received awards such as Hohner World Championship, outstanding 5th place in 1993, the Emerton prize with Palermo Boogie Gang in 1993 and the Artisjus prize in 2009. He has performed and made records often with blues stars in Hungary and abroad e.g. Gábor Presser, Zorán, Balkan Fanatic, Quimby, Hobo Blues Band, Bon-Bon, Magdolna Rúzsa and Charlie as well as Ripoff Raskolnikov, Larry Garner, Tim Lothar, Chester Washington.

Mojo WorKings dicography:

„Back in the Day” 2012
„Long Step” 2015
„Just Another Button” 2016
„Travelling Blues Nights” 2017