Pankastic! music band, the spice in the Hungarian pop music scene, has been achieving outstanding success ever since it was founded. Their first concert in Budapest Jazz Club, where they still play regularly, was sold out. The band has been working fruitfully with composer and songwriter Tamás Kálmán, who has written hit songs for several well-known Hungarian bands. They have named their original style DJANGO-POP, which combines the jazzy sounding of the “peace era”; with the uniqueness of modern pop and world music. The singer of the band is Panna Pálmai, who impresses the audience with her outstanding voice and cheery performance. The world-unique sound of the band is provided by the combination of French Manouce Swing, pop and jazz music, and most of all, a traditional Hungarian instrument called Cimbalom.

2015 was promising as well for Pankastic!, since with their song ,,KICSI A VILÁG, DE NAGY VILÁG”, they got into the top 30 and the semifinal of the Hungarian music competition The Song, among more than 300 contestants. Their first single appeared also in 2015. The album tour ended on 20 January in the Palace of Arts with 1,400 viewers. There, Pankastic! performed their own songs with Budafok Dohnányi Band and several guest musicians such as András Hajós, Edina Szirtes, Myrtill Micheller, and the French-Canadian band Tcha Badjo. In December 2015, they recorded a song with Gergő Oláh, which appears on many TV and radio stations. They have been performing successfully abroad as well. They introduced their first album in MOM Cultural Center. They appear regularly at festivals and clubs.