Starting date, time and venue:

06/07/2018 Friday 21.00 – Illés Cellar

Petruska is a real curiosity in the Hungarian pop scene. Following the traditional rock set up it is a minimalist formation with surprising power on stage. The lyrics writer takes Hungarian folk motifs, adding British rock elements and dance music twists. Five years have brought two great albums, hundreds of concert and festival appearances, great professional acclaim and media appearances in talent contests such as the 2016 Dal and Nagy-Szín-Pad. Spiced with intelligent humour, a genuine way of communicating and performing, musical playfulness make this really popular among people in their 20s and 30s. Rich compositions with much to communicate, he is one of the leading figures of young generation of musicians.

For his song-writing he was nominated for Artisjus Junior in 2015. His first album was released in 2014, Metropolita. The concept album travels the route of metro line 4 painting a distinctive picture of 21st-century Budapest and the generation of people in their 20s and 30s. The video for the track Szent Gellért tér won first prize in the “Best Director” category in the Hungarian video clip awards and put it on their 2014 Top 10. In spring 2016 Petruska’s second album was released: Kapunyitó was inspired by the artist’s thirthieth birthday and the challenges facing his generation. The song Nyár (Most vidám igazán) was played in rotation on Petőfi Rádió while Trouble in My Mind was among the top four songs on the A Dal 2016 TV talent show where Petruska was given the “Song Discovery” prize.