Swing à la Django

Starting date, time and venue:

07/07/2018 Saturday 19.00 – Bardon Winery

Valami Swing plays gypsy jazz , the music of Django Reinhardt , which was founded in the streets of Paris in the 1920 ’ s by the legendary jazz guitarist. This is the first European jazz, virtuosically combining American jazz, swing, hot club , chansons , standards , modern hits , folk music , traditional gypsy and balkan music .

Based on free improvisation , Valami Swing’ s music does more than resembling the golden era of jazz, the swing dance nights, and the atmosphere of coffee houses: it is played in an own stlye, with an own sound, with original compositions.

In 2016 we have organized two open – air dancing events at Liberty Bridge in Budapest which was attended by thousands. In February 2017, Valami Swing’s show was the last act at the Hungarian Opera Ball , the Háry-estély, on the stage of the Opera House.