Valami Swing

Starting date, time and venue:

06/07/2018 Friday 19.00SanzonTokaj

Valami Swing plays gypsy jazz, the music of Django Reinhardt , which was founded in the streets of Paris in the 1920’s by the legendary jazz guitarist. This is the first European jazz, virtuous combination of American jazz, swing, hot club, chansons, standards, modern hits, folk music, traditional gypsy and Balkan music.

Based on free improvisation, Valami Swing’ s music does more than resembling the golden era of jazz, the swing dance nights, and the atmosphere of coffee houses: it is played in an own style, with an own sound, with original compositions.

In 2016 they organized two open-air dancing events at Liberty Bridge in Budapest which was attended by thousands. In February 2017, Valami Swing’s show was the last act at the Hungarian Opera Ball, the Háryestély, on the stage of the Opera House.

András Makk – guitar
István Babindák – clarinet
Cooper David – guitar
Sándor Gyüdi – double bass