Voodoo Papa

Starting date, time and venue:

06/07/2018 Friday 19.00Vayi Winery

The Voodoo Papa Duo’s two multi-instrumentalist have the stage presence of a big band as Zsigmond Szert (Ex-Paganza, Cabaret Medrano, Ütött-Kopott Angyal, Stukker) at once manages to play the mouth harmonica with a minimal drum kit and Simon Pál Fejér (Ex-Deák Bill Blues Band, Ütött-Kopott Angyal, Veronaki) on acoustic and electric guitars playing and singing.

The name Voodoo Papa was born out of respect for Jimi Hendrix – inspired by his song Voodoo Child. Voodoo Papa has its own musical world as the two musicians draw from the shared past of the two musicians and their own music style. During school years at the legendary Kőbányai Zenei Stúdió their friendship developed into a serious creative process, with folk music receiving an important role in the musicians’ lives alongside the blues. The Voodoo Papa magic lies in the variety of their music and the power of the lyrics – the poetic yet simple thoughts of the way people see today’s world, it reflects everyday problems and feelings ,– speaking to people from people about people and life situations.

Alongside the catchy melodic tunes in Hungarian they have composed with delicacies from the 1960s and ’70 Rhythm& Blues. Simon is an exceptionally talented guitarist – and he has certainly found his style. I love playing with him. – Bill Gyula Deák

The Voodoo Papa formation is the highest representative of authentic blues. Their original approach carries its musical roots and a high level of knowledge. They have totally experienced the blues and their music cannot be confused with that of another. I respect and love them. -(János Rudolf Tóth)