László Darvasi

Starting date, time and venue:

07/07/2018 Saturday 15.00 – Vayi Winery

Member of Élet és Irodalom (Life and Literature), he writes for Revizor online critics and Hír24. His other hardworking persona is journalist Ernő Szív. He writes novels, conversations, novellas, stories and dramas. Many of his works have been published in other languages, including German, Spanish, French, Polish, Turkish, Italian, Serbian and Croatian. He was awarded the Rotary Prize for his novel A Virágzabálók. His books of tales A Trapiti and A három emeletes mesekönyv were given the Children’s Book of the Year. His most recent release was published by Magvető publisher, Ernő Szív: Meghívás a Rienzi Marika Szabadidő klubba.

Children’s literature event: Tanulj meg pálcikázni! Aztán meg trapitizni! Adult’s literature event: Riezni Mariska és tsai. Meghívás a Rienzi Mariska Szabadidő Klubba in which Ernő Szív attempts no less than the writing of the history of the Hungarians: their arrival, their leaving and all the bright and troubled adventures between the two. The Hungarians are all poets, so it is no wonder that this distinctive literary history is among the books studied by all school children.

Who in Hungary has never heard of Mariska Rienzi! Naturally no one in Hungary. But of Endre Ady’s lover, who also gave him syphilis, now more know about that. Ernő Szív’s most recent publication tells the story from her side – Mária Rienzi -, telling of the small rewards and tiny betrayals of men and women. Instead of Gyula Juhász there is Anna Sárvári, Aranka Böhm instead of Frigyes Karinthy and, well several voices are given instead of Dezső Kosztolányi and the pages even tell us of actress/singer Katalin Karády’s role in his life.