Hanyatló Nyugat poem concert

Hanyatló Nyugat verskoncert

Sometimes, while sipping wine, our friend Tibor Weiner Sennyey told his friends about a theoretical band – made up of artists – that performs his poems and becomes world famous. The name: Hanyatló Nyugat. And now it is reality….

Hanyatló Nyugat is no ordinary band. They perform poems by Tibor Weiner Sennyey in almost experimental music style. Members of Hanyatló Nyugat: Luca Lili Pusztai (actress), Csaba Formanek (director-actor), Fodor Balázs Shodor (bard-musical clown), Count Frigyes Lehoczky (count) and Tibor Weiner Sennyey (poet).

Photos of Hanyatló Nyugat: Gergely Gyula Vainel