Tibor Weiner Sennyey: The Secret Worlds of Sándor Weöres

Weiner Sennyey Tibor

The friendship between Béla Hamvas and Sándor Weöres was deeper than many would think. He was inspired not only by Weörest Hamvas to write for wholeness, but also to transcend himself and be able to know and describe himself, our world, and even the realities beyond himself and our world. This was not without precedent for Sándor Weöres and it was not without consequences. This lecture is about the unknown poems of Sándor Weöres and his travels to other worlds.

Tibor Weiner Sennyey (1981) is a poet, writer and editor. His latest, twelfth book is the life and work of Béla Hamvas, a thousand face and simple. He lives in Szentendre, teaches writing, gardens and walks, and recently has a band that is said to be the Declining West.