Living architecture of the Tokaj Wine Region

Erdőbénye építész szemmel

Architect Gábor Erhardt has been working in the region for 17 years and is linked to the renovation of countless buildings and to the master Ferenc Salamin. As well as actual architectural planning, he is constantly researching the architectural heritage of the region, the street plans, the definitive architectural styles to door irons used through the ages. In this one-hour talk he will show his work over recent decades and results of his research through some 300 pictures to make it understandable to all.

If you participate in the walking tour and would like to know more, or if you missed it, you can watch the seated, projected talk in the main room of the Szepsy Laczkó Máté Emlékház House.

Time: 5 pm on Saturday 13th August 2016.

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