Ten of our best



We’ve achieved a decade! And we hope there will be many more! The ground is superb, the weather a given, and we are trying our hardest. We’ve brought together a couple of festivals and have even solved our succession: so it’s time to concentrate on enjoyment this year. Come and celebrate the first ten years together! Ten years, ten wines. Nothing to philosophise about that!

If you’ve managed to get through the introduction, then you’re already closer to being one of the ten lucky one who participates in the great “Ten choice” time travel. To be more exact, a vertical tasting spanning the last ten years (including a whole line of Kakasok) and you can get the advance right if you register at this email address: enikoabraham@gmail.com.

Because we’re going to draw the ten lucky participants. So little remains of the wines (some of which you may never have even met) that this is the way we thought fairest for you. So, it’s not just money, experience, being on the ball or connections, but a question of luck as to who gets to look into the depths of the bottles. As we have learnt only one certain thing in the last ten years: do not underestimate the power of luck!

Time: 13th August, 16.00
Venue: Ábrahám Winery – Tasting room
Price: 5500 HUF/person

Wines: 2006 Furmint Kerektölgyes from shrivelled grapes, 2007 fordítás, 2008 Ice wine Kakasok, 2009 Kakasok dry Furmint, 2010 Kakasok dry Furmint, 2011 Kakasok dry Furmint, 2012 Kakasok dry Furmint, 2013 Kakasok dry Furmint, 2014 Kakasok dry Furmint, 2015 Kakasok dry Furmint

Registration deadline: 09.08.2016.
Draw for tickets: 01.08.2016.

If you’re interested, then please write to enikoabraham@gmail.com , we’re happy to answer any questions.