Two countries, one wine region

Két ország egy borvidék

Hungarian – Slovakian Tokaj workshop

Tokaj winemakers on both sides of the border. Conflict or conversation? Can we talk about one homogeneous wine region? How far did the Tokaj Wine Region stretch before the borders were drawn in 1921? Was there Czechoslovakian Tokaji during the Socialist decades? Has there been shared legislation since joining the EU? What kind of wines, ground, varieties? In terms of tourism and marketing what are the opportunities and disadvantages?

Curious about the answers? Come and join Dániel Ercsey, editor-in-chief of WineSofa.

Két ország egy borvidék

Venue: Szepsy Laczkó Máté Memorial House
Time: 11 am, Saturday 13th August

Entry: valid day ticket + 1,000 HUF / person

Minimum 20 people

Registration until 9th August, but if the groups are full, we will close the registration.