Vintage introduction: Furmint 2015

Évjárat bemutató: Furmint 2015

Furmints from the 2015 vintage. Some are already bottled, others are still aging in the barrel. We’ll show you what they’re like now.

8 Furmints from the 2015 vintage. Taste them together with the winemakers!

The tasting will be held in the Szepsy Laczkó Máté Emlékház Memorial House. Bread and water with the tasting, plus Erdőbénye cheeses to finish.

  1. Vay: 10 soros
  2. Illés: Birtokbor
  3. Bardon: Meszes
  4. Préselő: Apukám bora
  5. Karádi-Berger: Narancsi
  6. Ábrahám: Kakasok
  7. Béres: Lőcse
  8. Budaházy-Fekete-Kúria: Rány

18.00, Friday 12th August 2016

Price of the tasting:
7,000 HUF

Limited number of tickets from:

Alternatively you can

  1. Write to us, and tell us how many people (with names)
  2. Transfer 7,000 HUF / person to A Bor, mámor, Bénye Egyesület bank account:
    OTP Bank: 11734169 – 20013169
  3. Within two days we’ll send you notification of reception of the money and inform you if the minimum number of participants has gathered.
  4. And then meet at the time and place given!

Registration until 9th August, but if the groups are full, we will close the registration.