Anyukám mondta

Anyukám mondta

Everything that pops into your mind about the name Anyukám Mondta (“My Mother Said“), is unfortunately or fortunately true of us.

Our two main principles:
One: “Be good Misi, Be good Misi, Until you die!”
Two: rosehip branches.

Over and above these two main principles, we have – like a gymnast at the world championship – compulsory elements, without which a serious gymnast would never dare to hope in serious recognition.

Ingredients: where possible local, be from around the world.

There are no white tablecloths, but we’re not in an ice dance show.

Service: by friendly people, good jeans and extreme tops, white gloves in winter only for shovelling snow.

Atmosphere: I imagine that (“imagine all the people living for today”) John Lennon would enjoy himself at ours.

Flavours: well, there are many, our heart is in the dill pickle too.

Stuff: We bake bread, make cordials, fill sausages and make a whole load of other things that are ours.