The story could be that of a French film. The super-nice, always smiling Zsuzsi Lévai was a girl who was never satisfied with a workplace where the unexpected never happened. Thanks to her father she spent plenty of time near the water. And fresh Hungarian fish was a natural part of their diet as for others dry, tasteless chicken.

Zsuzsi was disappointed to experience that in Pest people restrained their fish consumption to just three times: mackerel on the beach, a couple of deep-frozen fish fingers, and then perhaps at Christmas enough for the whole year in one year as the carp appeared on the table. So Zsuzsi set up the first and best fish place in the city… And so Budapest received not only catfish curry, catfish gyros and smoked busa pate. Unfortunately or not, the dishes do not really betray that they are based on fish. They act as a neutral, chicken-like meat in many cases. And good for those who don’t like the “lake flavour” and hate struggling with fish bones.

Their main ingredient, fish, is exclusively sourced from Hungary, without freezing.

From: WeLoveBudapest

Being a landlocked country, Hungary isn’t well known for its roster of fish dishes. Halkakas, however, has decided to try to change that. This very casual restaurant specializes in local freshwater fish. While it occasionally offers a classic Hungarian fish dish such as halászlé (fisherman’s soup), it prefers to skip the usual Hungarian recipes in favor of simple grilled or fried fish, or more unexpected dishes like catfish gyros and fish burgers. The owner, who is often waiting the tables herself, is the daughter of a fisherman (who also makes the house wine).

By Carolyn Bánfalvi, for CNN

Halkakas gyros