Bujdosó Trió

Bujdosó Trió

… that from the Mediterranean merriness (the band’s own description starts like this) there be the Bor Mámor merriness. Not only now, but only for you.

Mediterranean merriness, near-east trance, dreamlike rumba, generously added psychedelic, improvised adventures – this is the world brought to life by the unusual and completely unique music of the Bujdosó Trió.

János Bujdosó formed the trio in winter 2011 bringing a new colour to the unusual (world) music palette that can best be described as “Byzantine surf jazz”.

Returning to Erdőbénye for the fourth time, the trio – János Bujdosó (guitar, mandolin), Árpád Vajdovich (double bass, bass guitar) and Csaba Németh (percussion) – have become known in the Hungarian alternative/jazz/world music scene as one of the leading bands, as important as – not a complete list – the Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene, Kampec Dolores, Kistehén, Meszecsinka, Specko Jedno, Ági és a Fiúk, Pop Ivan.

Their first album Gold for Leslie was received by critics as “irresistibly attractive”. János Bujdosó, who also writes music for film and theatre, has “sanguine, intuitive, lyrical guitar playing that rarely follows the rules” and the tracks on the album are not only heard from the Buda A-38 party boat to the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter in Pécs, but also in France, Czech Republic and Transylvania.