High school kids with a great doze of creative potential, a bit of jazz, electronics and ethnic elements flavored by all-time improvisation. This is the rough chemical compound of Ethnofil from Budapest, Hungary.

Winning the greatest talent competition ( Talentometer) of their home country held by A38 ship, the band started touring with its first album ( Fülön Csíp) in 2011.

Within a few years it has become part of the Hungarian underground scene playing  regularly in clubs, small and medium festivals all across the country. Apart from regular shows, Ethnofil is known of its contemporary improvisational performances that involve live visuals (with Glowing Bulbs), contemporary dancers or silent movies.

After years of getting involved in the underground music scene of Budapest, the  band has reached its final form in 2014, expanded by Fanni Zahár of SoulClap Budapest on flute and sax. Last year, the second album Kókuszmúzeum (Coconut Museum)has been released featuring guest musicians such as Marcell Gyányi (makrohang), Gábor Kovács (derTanz). The band also had the pleasure to release a track together with one of the most popular contemporary poets/writers of Hungary, Lajos Parti Nagy.

On stage, Ethnofil is supported by Gábor Pribék’s creative live visuals that help the audience enter the unique universe of the performance where neither genres, nor traditional conventions can put barriers to the musical journey flowing across atmospheres and moods of the greatest versatility.

Viola Okos– vocal/violin
Fanni Zahár– flute/sax
One Őrsi -AB András – scratch/sampler
András Weil– keyboards
Levente Kocsis– bass guitar
Zsolt Moldván– percussion
Gergely Okos– drums