‘Góbé’ means:

1) an expression used in Székely land (now Romania) to mean a foolish person; it is in general use and is starting to have a “funny” meaning;
2) the name given by Ernő Rubik to his two-seater, metal-frame glider;
3) a six-member Budapest folk band who

As well as nurturing authentic folk music, they rework their favourite folk songs with their own interpretations bringing new and enjoyable, understandable forms to all. Crossing styles and categories.

GÓBÉ was founded in November 2007 by students at the Budapest Bartók Béla Zeneművészeti Szakközépiskola college of musical arts. They later continued their classical and folk music studies at the Liszt Ferenc Acadmey of Music.

In 2011 they won the folk music-world music category and audience prize at the Hungarian talent show festival, Talentométer, and were thus able to record their first album, Góbé, released in 2013. This was a departure from their till-then traditional direction and nurturing of authentic folk music as they brought in their own interpretations and solutions for the reworking of their favourite songs. Their second album Ez van! was released in 2015 (by the Fonó Budai Zeneház music centre and label), which also followed the style that the band play actively and enthusiastically in dance house, folk events and children’s events and music festivals. Their aim is to bring folk music back into fashion in a new way that is enjoyable and understandable, crossing the borders created by styles and categories.