Hoppál Mihály Band

Hoppál Mihály Band

„In their music the cockerel calling meets Houston space centre through sung poems, classical flute with jazz saxophone and beatbox rhythms…” So listeners are assured a musical adventure – if they are open enough… But that’s not everyone is it?

Love, joy and sadness, loneliness, motherhood – is Hoppál Mihály Band’s new show and CD titled Anyaság (Motherhood). Full of female themes – not only for women – that the band interpret with the incomparable “acoustic jazz-pop” sounds and literary texts for the listener. Electro-acoustic bass, beatbox, clarinet, flute, vocals, scat and a moss-green Russian accordion create the unique sound of the band.

Kamilla Borzsák  – flute, accordion
Júlia Nedeczky  – clarinet
Runnair – beatbox, effects
Mihály Hoppál  – bass, guitar

Gabriella Buzás  – vocals, guitar
Márta Mikolai  – vocals

Pillangóhatás (2015 dalok.hu)
Tilos csillagon (2015 dalok.hu)
Ősanya (2016, Hoppál Mihály, magánkiadás)

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