3932 Erdőbénye Hunyadi utca 27.

At Hunyadi utca 27. we are happy to present a new festival venue – proudly called after the grandparents for those who enjoy stretching out in a peaceful oasis, who are looking for a slightly more relaxed form of entertainment for the evening after the excitement of the day.

We’ve got together with Szegedi Belvárosi Mozi – the central cinema in Szeged – that has been staging the Zsigmond Vilmos Nemzetközi Filmfesztivál, for the last three years, and will be showing films that are not shown elsewhere.

Enjoy the films – true film art treats to finish the day – selected by the jury at the film festival shown outside in the garden in the late evening hours, complete with starlit sky.

Friday night 22:00 As I fall
(2018, Norwegian, directed by: Magnus Meyer, cinematographer: Ivor Taim, 93 min)
Best Feature Film – 3rd Vilmos Zsigmond International Film Festival

Saturday night 24:00 Bad Poems 
(2018, magyar, rendező: Reisz Gábor, cinematographer: Bálint Dániel, Becsey Kristóf, 96 perc)
3rd Vilmos Zsigmond International Film Festival (Diákzsűri díja) 

Sunday 11:00-15:00 short film section at Préselő Winery

1. Best short fiction movie: Watchkeeping
(2017, Lithuanian-Belgian, directed by: Karolis Koupinis, cinematographer: Simonos Glinskis, 16 min)

2. Best experimental movie: Dark Chamber
(2017, Hungarian-Swedish, rendező: Ottó Bánovits, operatőr: Gergely Pálos, 6 min)

3. VisionTeam and Special Grip Award, Critics Award: Lauretta
(2018, Hungarian, directed by: Máté Brauner, cinematographer: Dániel Bálint, 17 min)

4. Szeged Town Award: Ignorance is Bliss
(2017, Duch, directed by: Muck van Empel, cinematographer: Herman van den Bosch, 30 min)

5. Winner of the Experimental Category and Student Jury Award: Benned
(2018, Hungarian, directed by: Bálint Kerhut, cinematographer: Bálint Kerhut, 2 min)

Zsigmond Vilmos Nemzetközi Filmfesztivál

A few words about the festival

The world-famous, Oscar-winning cameraman, Vilmos Zsigmond, was a Szeged boy and an honorary citizen. One of the oldest and most beautiful cinemas in Hungary, Szeged’s Belvárosi Mozi – which is nearly 100 years old –, has a main screen seating 500 that has born his name since 2005. He was incredibly proud of this. If he came home, he always visited “his cinema”.

The festival came into existence through personal connection and due to the greatness of Vilmos Zsigmond’s works. He was inspired by the respect and recognition he received. The quality of his work had an influence on generations are the same as the goal of the festival: to guide attention to one of the most important co-creators of the film production, the cameraman, and the significance of his work.

 “The person after whom, it is named makes it clear that we are looking at the film from the perspective of the cameraman. At the same time, perhaps the most important thing we could learn from Vilmos is to see that the performance of the cameraman, the picture, cannot be evaluated alone. His oeuvre is the best example of how the image, the performance of the cameraman can only be examined from the point of view of the director’s intentions for the whole message of the film. Thus, while rewarding the cinematographer’s performance, we reward the entire film with the awards.” – Gábor Szabó HSC, chairman of the jury