Vay Borászat

Vayi Winery

Krisztián Ungváry – a historian – chose one of the most attractive buildings on the main street for the centre of his estate. You can taste excellent sweet wines, interesting drys and a special balsamic vinegar here.
Bardon Borászat

Bardon Winery

Young cellar + old vines = distinctive wines. For their ambitious plans they have around 8 hectares of vines that were pruned according to the design of a talented young winemaker. Under the centre of the estate on the main road is a fabulous, two-storey cellar. It's a great adventure tasting there!
Karádi-Berger Winery

Karádi-Berger Winery

A business journalist stepped beyond the perspective of an economist and creates truly artisan wines. "ruin wine bar", childrens' events, grassy garden
Ábrahám Pince

Ábrahám Winery

Philosophers' wine in the philosophers' cellar. But there is nothing to fear, though they are the successors to Rousseau, they do not face visitors with philosophic work under the arbour. They make wines close to nature – accepting all the risks associated with being close to nature. Purity characterises all their wines. The extra attraction for families is the great kindergarten music

Jakab Winery

The winery is family inheritance and primarily a hobby for the Jakab family who made their first vintage in 2007. Closely linked to the landscape they love the untouched landscape.

Budaházy-Fekete Kúria Winery

Organic, one of the newer wineries, but in a beautifully renovated mansion at the foot of the main street.
Préselő Pincészet

Préselő Winery

We're right in the centre of the the village so you can leave your car for the festival and walk between the venues with glass in hand.

Sanzon Tokaj

Her international perspective is reflected in both the wine style and character: they are pure, elegant and dynamic, fusing the terroir and the uniqueness of the variety.
ProVinum Pincészet

Pro Vinum Winery

ProVinum Pincészet
Kerékgyártó Cellar

Kerékgyártó Cellar

The celaar builds on one and a half decades of traditions. They onl have wooden barrels and are not afraid to use them. Nor are they worried about oxygen and their wines. Alongside classic Tokaj flavours they also serve traditional Zemplén foods.
Illés Pince

Illés Cellar

Tradition, tradition, tradition – all the beauty of old school methods of wine making in one place. Strongly recommended for all modernist wine drinkers. And the cellar visit is also a special experience!

Csite Family Estate

I love Erdőbénye for its natural and architectural heritage. The peaceful life here is a gift for us. The community involved in wine is great.
Béres család

Béres Vineyards and Winery

Large, modern – yet building on traditions under the Erdőbénye Lőcse dűlő (vineyard). The estate manager reveals during the cellar visit how modern technology helps the creation of good wine. Music, chocolate and more from morn till dawn.