Gonda Winery

A 3rd generation winery built and developing as part of the Liget-tanya family farm in Erdőbénye. Technological change and experimentation with wild and variety yeasts from 2014, the first commercial wines were made in 2016, must and sparkling from 2019.
The couple, an architect and a civil engineer, together with their two sons, create the winery, with the support of extended family members. They can also be found in a traditional stone house in Erdőbénye and in the Avasi cellar in Miskolc. Their vineyards are in the Lapis vineyard in Bodrogkeresztúr and the Lepény vineyard in Erdőbénye.

The wines are the imprints of the family growth of the past period, in addition to showing the characteristics of each vintage, different wine styles and technologies: must, dry furmint and hárslevelű, sparklings, and late harvest.

The connection between winemaking, architecture and the living world is also reflected in their philosophy and buildings. Deciphering the relationship between nature and the world created by man is continuous research and experimentation alongside the maturing and developing spirituality within them.

P-terem Kft.

3932 Erdőbénye Bethlen Gábor utca 62.
Gonda Péter +36305734692