Béres Vineyards and Winery

Those who receive from life somehow have to give back. Those who start something, from then on owes responsibility. Noble thoughts that characterise the Béres family too. It’s not enough to just fall in love with Lőcse dűlő, it needs to be cultivated. It’s not enough to simply build, the most beautiful possible should be created. Good is not enough, if possible we should strive for perfection. Timeless atmosphere, that is á la recherche du temps perdu

Béres Vineyards and Winery
3932 Erdőbénye, Lőcse dűlő
Telefon: +3647 536 000
Fax: +3647 536 001


You can get to the Béres Estate with a free minibus from the center of the village.

17/08/2019 Saturday

The first minibus leaves at 10:00.

11:00 Szamos Gyurmarci: making marzipan figures and tasting with the Szamos Chocolate Master – Andor.
15:00 Szamos Choco School: exciting mix of marzipan and Béres wines. Making, tasting marzipan cream with Béres wines, filling it into Szamos chocolate.
16:00 “The Viticulturist and Nature” – guided study tour in Lőcse Vineyard with Ildikó Türke
19:00 Pál István “Szalonna” and his Band concert. Opening band: Pengő Band

18/08/2019 Sunday

The first bus leaves at 9:30

All day Press tour if there is interest

10:00 “Herbs for Health” Presentation by the Herbalist of the Bükk – “Uncle” Gyuri Szabó HUN



11.30-21.00: Anyukám Mondta

– Pig ear, new potatoes, smoked pepper
– Focaccia, matured ham, burrata
– Yoghurt foam, cardamom plum, crumbs

All day: Tokaj Cheese
All day: Béres Wine Terrace 
All day: Grapoila cold pressed oils 


All day: Tokaj Cheese
All day: Béres Wine Terrace