Préselő Winery

3932 Erdőbénye, Kossuth u. 23.


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Köz.kemp Creative Camp exhibition: András Ladocsi.
Zempléni Cheese

05/07/2018 thursday

18.00 Opening the wine bar

06/07/2018 Friday

15.00 Great Bubble Tasting – Erdőbénye traditional method pezsgő and sparkling wines
Tasting 8 sparkling wine with Zsolt Nagy (Préselő Pincészet) and Árpád Zöldi-Kovács (Préselő Pincészet). As a true curiosity you can take part of the first dosage test of a sparkling wine “pezsgő” !
Requires registration, max. 18 person, price: 6000 HUF/person. Register at: 

21.00 Mongooz and the Magnet

07/07/2018 Saturday

11.00 Zemplén cheese – Tokaji wine tasting
Discover local artisan cheeses carefully paired with a Préselő wines only available at the festival with Tibor Szilágyi (Zemplén Sajt) and Zsolt Nagy (Préselő Winery). 
Requires registration, max 18 person, price: 4000 HUF/person. Register at: 

14.30 “Gyengébb? NEM!” – Women in wineries. Talk in Hungarian
Wine tasting and talk with winemaker women of Erdőbénye. With the participation of Melinda Regéczy-Béres (Béres Vineyards and Winery ), Gabriella Mészáros (Préselő Winery), Erika Rácz (SanzonTokaj). Tasting led by Edit Szabó, chief editor of Borsmenta.
Requires registration, price: 4000 HUF/person. Register at: 

17.00 Kaan Luum

Gasztro: Préselő “home food”, Zempléni Cheese (Tibor Szilágyi)

Friday: 12.00-
Saturday: 10.00-
Sunday: 9.00-11.00

Préselő Winery

The winery is held by many to be an atmospheric place to stay. And not surprisingly! Key words are wood, stone, metal. Ancient old stone house grafted with modernity. Renovated stone terraces in the vineyards, breakfast in the Csillag (“Star”), view from Messzelátó vineyard, a bottle of Apukám bora (“My Dad’s wine”) in the bedside cabinet.


Préselő Winery
Erdőbénye, Kossuth u. 23.
+36 20 310 2669
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