Sanzon Tokaj

3932 Erdőbénye,  Bethlen Gábor u. 66.


every day

Erdőbénye – Life – Pictures: photo exhibition. Exhibition by József Hlavács “Hlajo“.

06/07/2018 friday

17.00-18.30 A man and a woman: Badacsony in Erdőbénye. Wine tasting talk show with Vivien Ujvári (Ujvári Winery) and Bálint Föld (Sabar Borház). Tasting led by Edit Szabó, chief editor of Borsmenta. Price 4000 HUF. With registration
19.00 Valami swing
22.00- Chill-out night with SIC Infit acoustic band

07/07/2018 Saturday

11:00-14.00 Spritzer terrace, breakfast
12.30-14.00 About eco wines naturally: Trend or more than that? Tasting and talk with Erika Rácz (SanzonTokaj) and Zsolt Sándor (Sándor Zsolt Organikus Estate and Winery – Bükk). Price 4000 HUF/pers. With registration
14.00- Grill terrace: Debreceni sausages on the grill
16.30-18.00 Fancy Furmint: Furmint glass in the focus – how important is the glass. Special “glass tasting”. Tasting led by Eszter Szilágyi-Tréba, glass ambassador and Erika Rácz (SanzonTokaj). Price: 4,000 HUF/pers. With registration
19.00 Butterfly Effect
22.00- Chill-out night with SIC Infit acoustic band

08/07/2018 sunday

11.00-14.00 Breakfast from the grill terrace: Debreceni sausages on the grill

Gastro: Mádi Sajt, Grill terrace

Friday: 14.00-
Saturday: 10.00-
Sunday: 11.00-14.00

Sanzon Tokaj

The coolly elegant face of the Tokaj Wine Region which only lovers of German Rieslings can understand at first glance. The Rány vineyard rises in the background while Erika Rácz uses her international experiences to find her place in the Hungarian wine world. Estate centre is being beautified, acids like a blade, crystal clear vision. Some French tunes on the obligatory i-Pad accessory. Nomen est omen.


3932 Erdőbénye, Bethlen Gábor u. 66.
Tel.: +36203352558