Komán Wine Estate

“A rural dream…
If you spend enough time in the world of wine, you will realize that every wine connoisseur has a story about the first bottle, what started their passion for wine.
It was no different for us either…
The tranquility of Erdőbénye, the vintage log cabin of the country house, the view of the sun-drenched vineyards, the message of the panorama with mountains were all given for enjoying a fine wine.
The atmosphere and the feeling triggered the need to make our first own wine.

That is why the Komán wine estate was born in 2022.

In our family, where there are already two young adults, we consider it an important mission to pass on the love and cultured consumption of wine to the Z generation.

In accordance with our family’s tastes, we prepared a few items for the first time the way we like them:
Inspired by young people, light furmint and the softer, slightly easier to understand hárslevelű were added to the bottle.
We recommend consumption not only for the young, but also for the eternally young!”

Komán Wine Estate
Address: 3932 Erdőbénye, Vörösmarty street 30.
Phone +36 20 773 4371
E-mail: koman.attila@gmail.com